Large Tropsch Synthesis Reactor Hoisting Completion

In mid-August of 2014, Weihua crane successfully hoisted Tropsch Synthesis Reactor. As it is, this is the first time that such heavy duty hoisting happened in inner Mongolia of China. This equipment is the core for lifting 1.2 million tonnage capacity fine chemical project with its weight 2210 ton and height 61m.
Weihua has gotten many orders from industries in recent years such as petroleum, nuclear, chemicals with requirements of large size and weight integral hoisting. As for these hoisting has very severe ambient conditions such as strong wind and sunburn, plenty sand. What¡¯s more, production on site requires more care on quality control. Weihua's daily management brings advantage at this point.
Weihua brand is a well-known matured overhead crane manufacturer in China, it developed anti-swing system with independent intellectual copyright, and it ever produced a gantry crane with max lifting height of 400m.
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