Guide Rail Hydraulic Lift

  • Capacity:Max 3t
  • Platform travel distance:10.5m
Guide rail hydraulic lift is mainly comprised of platform, hydraulic cylinders, guide rails, chains, safety wire rope, lifting beams, pulley blocks and guard fence. It is usually used for floor to floor cargoes transportation in low level workshops, warehouses, restaurants and so on.
Different from hydraulic cylinders’ slant pushing in scissor type hydraulic lift, this type hoisting equipment’s hydraulic cylinders push vertically, which means less abrasion. So that guide rail hydraulic lift owns characteristics of stable hoisting and long service life. In addition, as the bottom height only ranges from 150 mm to 300 mm, much less than that of scissor type hydraulic lift, pits for installation are not necessary. In situations where digging pits is not suitable, guide rail hydraulic lift will be the best solution.
The guide rail hydraulic lift can be divided into single-cylinder type, double-cylinder type and four-cylinder type for various applications.
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Lifting Weight: 1-10t 10-20t 20-50t 100-300t 100-300t 300-600t >600t
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